Looking for some simple yet effective techniques to cut your spending and begin to save more money everyday. These are just a few ways that I believe you can begin to tweak your budget, and start saving significantly depending on your current lifestyle. These are just suggestions based on things that I have used in my own life both now and in the past.

You can try any or all of these simple strategies

1. Call around to get a better rate on car, homeowners or renters insurance

2. Cancel cable tv and switch to Hulu, Amazon or Netflix streaming services for much less

3. Look for a cheaper gym membership or cancel your membership altogether. There is nothing wrong with paying for a gym if you find this beneficial, but make sure you are actually using the membership.

4. Switch to a cheaper grocery store such as Aldi’s or Save A Lot, look into buying certain items in bulk to maximize savings or try buying some generic products for a change.

5. Switch to washing your clothes in cold water. I talk about how this can save you more money in this post

6. Downgrade your phone plan and use less data (only do this if you are committed to actually cut back on data or it can cost you more)

7. Stop eating out so much or try a month fasting from any eating out just to save some extra cash. If you are like me and love to eat out, this can really save you a lot of money. You can also check out these tips on saving money dining out I shared previously. Or my post on restaurant rewards programs that can also help you save a lot if you eat out frequently.

8. If you have never used a rebate app before try one out when grocery shopping and see how much money you can earn back after shopping. My favorites are ibotta, checkout 51, saving star, mobisave, fetch rewards and receipt hog. I have a previous post that shares all of the grocery rebate apps that I use frequently and links to each of them so you can also try them out.

9. Stop shopping! I know to some of us who love to shop this statement may make you gasp. If this did then you are the ones I am speaking to. Like me you love to shop and get a good deal. However getting a great deal still requires spending money which you shouldn’t be spending. So just stop going to the store and spending anything other than absolute necessities like food, toiletries, household cleaning items,etc.

10. Select a month to execute as a no spend month. Get a friend to join you or check out my previous no spend month that myself and a fellow blogger Sarah from Lemon blessings participated in during the month of October. We did our very first no spend month as collaboration and we shared how we successfully made the necessary spending freeze possible and still had some fun. You can check out my posts here and here and some ideas for some fun free or cheap activities to do this fall.

11. Have you ever used a cash back website for online purchases? Try one out and see if it makes a difference for you this year as you do your normal online purchases. I created a post to help you with saving money on your holiday shopping that may help as well and it includes links to many great cash back websites and apps I love!

12. If you do not normally use coupons or you haven’t used them in a while try some out on your next trip. My suggestion though is to only purchase items you would normally buy using coupons. Do not fall into the trap of buying just because you have a coupon. It’s only really a great deal if it is an item you would have purchased normally and are saving on.

13. Start saving your change. This may sound silly to some of you, but it can really add up over time. Start saving your change and you can really develop quite a savings over time. This can either be rolled and take. To the bank or you can use your nearest coinstar now to redeem for a few gift cards that do not charge fees. We recently redeemed for an Amazon card that we used to buy a gift for an upcoming birthday.

14. Stop spending on things that are not necessities. Stop buying multiple drinks when you go out, stop shopping when it is not a necessity, stop buying lottery tickets, cancel subscription services that are not necessities.

A lot of these are very basic simple suggestions but they really can make a huge difference in your financial situation. A lot of these are not popular things for people to want to give up or change their current habits on. I struggle with the same feelings at times especially towards giving up eating out. I find for me this was the biggest challenge with our no spend month and the biggest money waster in my current budget.