One extremely important factor of handling your finances is learning to correctly manage your checking account. This is a simple daily habit that you absolutely need to implement into your daily routines. If you are constantly out of money, your account is always overdrawn or you just never seem to pay attention to this it is time to start today. The sooner you start executing this habit the sooner you will begin to see the bigger picture of your financial situation.

Why is this so important?

  1. Failing to keep track can lead to overspending
  2. Overdraft fees are extremely expensive
  3. Keeping an accurate picture of what comes in and goes out can help you cut unnecessary spending

Here are the 5 best Free Apps that I have discovered that can help you balance your checking account.

  1. Mint
  2. CheckbookHD
  3. Checkbook
  4. Checkbook ledger
  5. Balance my checkbook

When I was in college I struggled in this area a lot and never really realized the importance of balancing my own account. That is until it was too late. I learned the hard way over and over, as I had to pay expensive overdraft fees for using more than I had.

Just imagine swiping your card for something small at the grocery store and having a $30 overdraft fee charged to your account. Now imagine having this happen one on top of the other as you run your errands in a day. You can easily waste ridiculous amounts of money just by buying a few necessities at the store, filling up your gas tank and picking up dinner. Oh and don’t forget that automatic withdrawal set to come out the next day. Your dinner, groceries, gasoline and that bill has now just cost you $120 extra in fees.

Trust me when I say that I know the feeling and this is why I am encouraging you to download one of these Apps today. Begin to use them faithfully to help you manage your day to day usage of your checking account and your debit card purchases.  You can make a huge difference in your financial situation today by just committing to this practice everyday. Track every dollar in and every dollar out from here on and experience the difference.

If you are not one to use Apps and prefer the checkbook register method that is alright too. I actually more often use this method myself because I find it easier for me to manage on the go.

Some good money saving tips if you do use the paper register method

  1. Check with your bank to see if they provide these free of charge. Some banks like my husband’s bank branch typically have some free ones on hand for their members.
  2. When you order a box of Checks from places like Walmart, Checks Unlimited & Costco they often include one or two for free in each box of checks.
  3. If you need to purchase these separately Amazon has a good deal on them typically for a reasonable price. Try to find the higher quantity with Prime shipping if you are a prime member.
  4. Free Printable checkbook registers are also available on websites like Wallet Hub &

I hope you find these resources helpful in beginning to manage your checking account better. These Apps can really help if you have a smart phone or tablet that you use frequently. If you are not a smart phone user or prefer the paper method, I hope you find the other options are helpful.