If you are expecting a child or know of someone who is, this post is for you. Having a child can cost a lot of money and can significantly alter your finances. The best way to get on top of these costs is to start right away when you discover that you are expecting. Start immediately saving money and planning and you will be able to get ahead of things far better this way. If you should have the chance to plan before you become pregnant, this is an even better idea because you can begin to save money in advance and get a great head start on everything.

Today’s post is to share with you some great freebies and rewards programs that I have discovered. Many great companies offer awesome freebies and deals for expecting mothers and their new babies. A lot of these freebies require nothing more than a simple form to fill out. Yet some of these freebies may cost a small amount for shipping and handling or may require a small purchase. I highly recommend this list of freebies and rewards programs when planning ahead for your new little one.

Here are the best baby registry freebies that I have found

Walmart baby box This baby box contains some great samples and coupons and all it requires is filling out this simple form to receive them.

Walmart free baby registry box

Amazon baby registry box Create a Amazon Baby Registry Follow all the steps outlined here and Spend $10 on a registry purchase. After adding all the required items to your registry and making the $10 purchase you will qualify to get this baby box free. Make sure to follow all the instructions to be eligible to receive the free gift box.

Amazon baby registry box

Target baby registry bag Target offers this great gift bag after setting up your target registry. Go online and create your baby registry with Target, then go to your nearest Target customer service or registry counter and ask for a free baby registry bag. There is no need to print anything to take to the store with you as proof. These disappear quickly so you may have to return to Target in the future to obtain one. Some stores will allow you to leave your contact information for them to contact you once one is available again.

Target baby registry bag

Babylist registry box Fill out a simple form and pay shipping and handling which was $5.95 and I also received a $10 babylist gift card to use towards a future purchase.

Babylist free baby registry box

Other great baby freebies and rewards programs

Motherhood maternity freebies This freebie bag is given at the register at motherhood maternity and their affiliate stores. It contains a few nice little freebies and some coupons and gift cards for future baby purchases with some one retailers. These online retailers products are close to the cost of the gift card amounts. This means that you can get a few good items for just the cost of shipping and handling.

Enfamil rewards

Similac strong rewards

Pampers rewards program

Huggies rewards

Luvs diapers coupons and samples

Dolly Parton’s imagination library

Noobie box $6.95 shipping and handling charge

Free breast pump through your insurance

Gerber baby possible samples and coupons

Buy buy baby registry gift

All of the freebies listed here are ones I have signed up for myself. Some may have some restrictions such as the Dolly Parton imagination library. Only people who live in certain locations will qualify for this freebie.

I loved the registry boxes pictured above, the items sent were so valuable and helpful. Some of the companies do not send freebies right away, but send things in the months to come as you get closer to your due date. Enfamil and similac especially offer great valuable coupons that will help you save on formula costs in the future.

Let me know what you think of the freebies listed and if you have any others that you think should be added to this list. If you do I would love to hear about them in the comments or you may email me at [email protected]