Finding the best tools and resources as a blogger can be quite a challenge. The worst part can be the costs associated and the amount of websites dedicated to doing nothing but selling you products to create this amazing and profitable website.

Since starting Saving Joyfully in February 2018 I have learned so much about blogging. One thing that I feel needs addressed often in the blogging world and is often overlooked is the available free resources for bloggers and website owners. I have asked some bloggers that I trust and respect to come together on a collaborative post.

This post was created to showcase all the free tools and resources that we as bloggers have come to love and appreciate. Each of these bloggers has a wonderful website that I believe you will also love. I am including a short intro on what they do over on their website and who the blogger is.

My own personal favorite free tools that I have discovered since starting my blog are:

  • Rose colored water is a blog run by Liz who joined the United States Air Force and shares about her life in the Air Force, her financial journey paying off her prior and current debt and also her newest journey as a nursing student. If you are anything like me, I know that you will enjoy reading Rose colored water and learning more about Liz’s life, financial goals and career.
  • Liz from suggests

    This is a great Plugin for WordPress users

    It allows you to see all your post in a large, calendar view. You can schedule them, and if you need to move a post to a different date, just drag and drop the post to the date you would like. You can also quickly change the title and time of your post when on the editorial calendar.

    Your money geek is blog created by Michael Dinich he has worked in the personal finance industry since 1999 and he helps families plan for retirement,reduce taxes, eliminate unnecessary expenses and plan their estates.

    Michael from

    Favorite Free Websites for Bloggers

     The biggest challenge blogging is getting your blog in front of people. The internet is crowded, and social media is flooded with people promoting their own posts. Making it hard to reach and connect with people. My two favorite sites to bypass thecrowd is Viral Content Bee and Reddit. 

    • Viral Content Bee is a free service where users earn points by sharing other members blog posts, and then can spend those points to have their own content shared. The system is simple, fair, and provides incentive for reciprocity.
    • Reddit is a website that is easy to use, yet difficult to master. Most bloggers will not put in the effort to learn how the various communities work, and as a result will likely give up or worse get run of the site. Reddit is the 7th most visited website on the internet (Pinterest is 17) and  is worth considering or reconsidering.

    If you are a blogger and you have a favorite free tool that you have used to manage your blog, I would love to hear about it in the comments below or by email at [email protected] I may create a future blog post where I share some more of your responses.