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The holidays are almost here and so are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. Are you heading out shopping Black Friday or are you planning on shopping from home? Either way you can really benefit significantly from some of the websites and apps listed below. These websites and apps can really help you save significantly throughout the holiday season.

Amazon – Everyone loves Amazon right? Well at least I do. I honestly shop Amazon for so many different things and I save significant money using my Amazon Prime membership throughout the year to purchase everything with free 2 day shipping. Amazon is such a versatile website offering so many different types of products and deals. If you can’t find a good price somewhere else chances are you can find amazing deals on Amazon. You can sign up for Amazon Prime today or just head on over to Amazon and do some browsing for some great holiday deals. Also with some of the websites listed below you can actually earn money back in the form of Amazon gift cards which can really help stretch your holiday dollars on Amazon.

Ebates – Ebates is a great cash back website that will pay you money just for setting up an account today and making your first purchase. How does this work? Create an account using my link here and we both earn money. You earn $10 once you have made your first purchase and then you will continue to earn a percentage for any future purchases made on various retailer websites. It is as easy as heading over to Ebates to check before buying online and after you have reached the payment threshold, you will receive what Ebates terms as a “Big fat check.”

Mypoints – Mypoints is similar to Ebates but works very differently also. Mypoints allows you to earn money when shopping through various retailers that can be redeemed for gift cards later. Mypoints also offers many other point earning opportunities and is by far one of my favorite websites to use for a lot of these things.

Groupon – Groupon offers so many great deals and not just shopping but deals of all different kinds. Groupon is great for deals in your local area for things from restaurants, massages, hair dressers, etc. they do however have many great online shopping deals  to help you find some great prices on this years Christmas gifts.


Swagbucks – This website is a lot like Mypoints and offers many awesome points earning opportunities. Opportunities such as online shopping, market research surveys, daily polls,etc. Swagbucks is a great resource to help you save money and make a little extra every month . Sign up for Swagbucks today and you can earn 300 points just for signing up.

Ibotta – This App is so helpful for helping you to save money while shopping for the holidays. First off all it is on your phone at all times so you can check for deals while you are actively shopping. This app has everything from grocery rebates to earn cashback on when preparing for holiday meals and baking, to online shopping rebates to earn cash back when you shop using the ibotta App. Sign up here today and join my team so we can help each other earn team bonuses along the way.

Checkout 51 – This app is very similar to ibotta in the sense that it has so many rebates for mainly grocery items. I use this app often to save a few bucks off of my grocery purchases every week. This especially comes in handy during the holidays when we are buying more for a get together, holiday meals at home and even for stocking stuffers. You can download the app here today.

Shopkick – I never leave home without this app because I love using it. My husband on the other hand is not the biggest fan because my mindset of never wanting to forget a scan sometimes means backtracking. Sorry honey!😜 He quite honestly does not see the value like I do. If you like to earn cash back from your purchases with receipt scans or don’t mind scanning products to earn points or opening the app when walking into the store, this app is for you. Sign up here today to start earning points and we both earn 250 points with your first walk in.

Fetch Rewards – Another great grocery rebate app that I love! This app offers some points just for signing up today as well. You earn 2,000 points equivalent to about $2 and so will I just for you signing up and scanning receipts. Sign up here and enter referral code V8QKN

Cash dash – Cash dash is a cash back app that can be downloaded and used to save while shopping or eating out in restaurants. Some stores such as best buy allow you to save money by scanning the app at checkout and some require you to scan receipts after purchase.

Receipt hog – Receipt hog is another app to earn cash back on purchases only this app provides cash back for all kinds of receipt scans. You can scan receipts from gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and so much more. Redeem points earned for PayPal cash back, Visa cards and Amazon gift card codes. – This website is far more than just grocery coupons now. offers printable grocery coupons, as well as an entire section of Coupon codes to help you get better deals when online shopping. There are also cash back offers available on the website that you can check out here.

Shop at home – Shop at home is a very popular cash back shopping website. Create a free account. Shop at home partners with 1000s of brands you already know. When you sign up today you can even get a $10 Bonus. How do you earn cash back? You can earn this  cash back as an Gift Card, in your PayPal account, or by a check in the mail.