Since I started my blog in February this year I have been so blessed to connect with so many bloggers from all around the world. I could give you a list that could take you all day of great new blogs to discover. Instead I have decided to do a series of posts, helping you to discover some of these awesome blogs.

This month’s bloggers sum up just a bit of what I try to do here at Saving Joyfully.

Clare provides awesome advice on frugal living and how she saves money everyday. She is great at what she does and the advice she shares even helps a frugal blogger like me learn new tricks.

Wendy helps others through inspiration by being honest and real about the challenges in her life. She chooses despite her circumstances to find joy and inspire others. This is why I loved Wendy so much!

I will actually share with you the link to one of my favorite posts that they have written. Then I will share with you what it is about that post that I love.

The first blogger to inspire me this month is

Clare from Simple measures at home inspires me in so many ways.

One of the many ways that she Inspires me is through her encouragement and comments on my own blog and on Twitter. In taking the time to do so Clare has made me take notice of what she does on her blog more. Clare also shares a lot of similar interests with me such as the frugal living advice which she shares on her blog. You will love some of the great things that she shares over on her website. The post I want to share with you is no exception. This post Clare shared with her readers encourages many frugal habits, but one stuck out as a tip I already knew but I often forget. In her post Clare shares about making sure that if you are unhappy with a product that you take action. She advises her readers to reach out to the company and let them know. This can help the company to create better products which is a win for them and for you, if you choose to purchase from them again. A lot of companies will be willing to send you a coupon for a free product, or possibly even a refund or replacement product if they realize you were not satisfied.

Check out Clare’s post here bartering-product-replacements-community-events

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The second blogger to inspire me this month is

Wendy from touched my heart with her blog

Wendy’s story is best told by her over on her website. Here is just a summary of the incredible woman that Wendy is and how she is using her challenges to spread joy. This is an excerpt from Wendy’s website where she shares why she created her blog.

“Then all of that changed in 2011 when I got a life-threatening illness. What we thought was a bad case of the flu turned out to be something far more menacing. Necrotizing Fasciitis is a flesh-eating bacteria capable of wreaking havoc on the body and can often time be fatal. While the bacteria was eating my body, it made my organs start to shut down. This affected my outer extremities which resulted in the amputation of both hands and both feet. I spent 2 months in the hospital including 3 weeks in a coma on life support, then 1 month in rehab before I could come home to start to live my life again.

My business fell by the wayside when I lost my hands. I often found myself saying “I can’t.” This negative mindset affected me in all aspects of my life. I’m reminded, almost daily, of all the things that I can do. I need to be more adventurous in my life and try even more things. I have the mind and spirit of a young woman and will no longer allow myself to be limited by this handicapped body and a negative attitude. I have finally decided that enough is enough. So here I am. I want to track the ups and downs of those adventures and share them with you in hopes that someone out there can learn from my struggles and mistakes. Every day I experience personal triumphs. I could give up, but I won’t. God saved my life for a purpose and I believe that purpose is to inspire others.”

Let me tell you Wendy inspired me almost instantly when I discovered her blog. Her story is so incredible and mostly because through the challenges that Wendy has experienced she has chosen to help others. I love that! Please head over to her blog and subscribe today to allow Wendy to share her journey with you.

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