Hey everyone I have a guest post to share with today from my good friend and collaborative partner Melody. The lovely Melody from is an incredibly inspiring blogger who I am blessed to call my friend. She has created a great post and a gratitude journal to share with you all today.

Teddy Roosevelt once said that “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

This quote begs the question, “Why is our happiness dependent on comparison?”  

The origin of comparison is as old as time. According to Psychology Today, comparison helped humanity identify who we are as individuals through defining our abilities and shortcomings and relating them to others. In theory this could lead to some positive benefits. For example, I might compare myself to a coworker who is physically in shape. This might lead to me feeling challenged to make a change in my lifestyle so that I could achieve this same level or fitness and health. Of course, the reality is that most of the time, we use comparison as a way of measuring self-worth which often leads to unhappiness. 

So how do we break the cycle of comparison and unhappiness in a world filled with Instagram models and Facebook celebrities? 

Here are 5 ideas that will help you gain a healthy outlook of yourself

Take a break from social media

It’s only natural to snap a few photos and look for that gratifying thumbs up or heart button, but passive scrolling through social media can actually increase feelings of unhealthy comparison. Although it can be difficult to remove our overdependence on technology and social media, a little time spent away can help to connect with those around you and give you a fresh perspective. 

Use A Gratitude Journal

While comparison may be the thief of joy, reflection is the key to self-actualization. 

Try writing out one or two positive things that you are thankful for. Sometimes it can be as simple as waking up in the morning or as beautiful as watching the sunrise. Review your journal when you are having a bad day.

Volunteer to help others

Consider helping out at a local organization.  Nonprofit organizations, local schools, and churches are just a few places that always need extra hands. The opportunity to help someone else might be just what you need to instill purpose and meaning in your life. 

Challenge yourself

And while comparison can be negative, you can use it as a way to challenge yourself.

Congratulate others on their accomplishments. Instead of holding back and becoming resentful, use comparison as an opportunity to improve.

Believe the best about yourself

The truth is that I’m guilty of this as much as anyone else. I compare myself to others who seem to be more successful or farther along on their journey. And while it may be easy for me to believe the best about others, I find it difficult to believe the best about myself. When I feel this way, I try to ask myself, “What would you say to a friend who told you that they weren’t enough?” The answer of course would be, “You are amazing and there is no one quite like you.” 

How do you deal with comparison? Which tactic do you want to practice more?

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Melody Johnson owns and operates the blog, where she talks about her life in the Midwest, DIY, and personal finances. She is still practicing how to stop comparing herself with others and is excited and honored to be a part of Andrea’s story.