What do you do when your life feels like it is spinning out of control? When nothing makes sense anymore and every time things start to look up they seem to come crashing back down? Have you ever had a time in your life where you are faced over an over again with one challenge after another? How do you stay joyful when your joy meter is running on low?

I asked the question below across my social media accounts and received some great responses. I love the diversity and yet similar responses that I received and I hope that at least some of these responses may help you too.

“What helps you to experience Joy in the difficult times in your life?”

Miriam from suggests

  • Keep focused on a hope/future
  • Find your purpose, and create goals within it
  • Be grateful everyday!
  • Practice giving and hospitality
  • Express yourself creatively

Tim Kiser from suggests

Reminding myself that I may not be where I want to be but I am not where I used to be. God has begun a good work in me and He is faithful and just to complete it!

Carol from suggests

Start with what Tim from profitdare said, then add some prayer; the support of spouse, family, and friends; good praise music; determination to see the trial through; and top it all off with a bit of “coping humor.”

The blogger behind suggests

Music and time with people who help take my mind off the troubles if possible.

A Twitter follower Travis Stevens suggests

Faith in Christ allows me to still have joy.

The blogger behind suggests

Thinking about all the things I do have that I am grateful for. I’m a huge advocate for writing gratitude lists and thinking mindfully. Meditation is also fantastic!

Liz from suggests

Helping someone else does it for me.

Fred from suggests

Prayer and support from a loving wife.

Melody from suggests

Prayer, talking with friends, counseling. Seriously. Also getting involved in a hobby or activity instead of staying in the house

The blogger behind suggests

Woodworking. Or reading. Getting myself 100% immersed in a hobby that I love, with soft music in the background, takes me to my happy place where everything is rainbows and unicorns

Krystin from suggests

Allowing time to feel down. I’m weird – I’ve set time limits in the past: “Ok, I can do this for 2 more days. Then I have to fix it.”

It’s good to wallow in self-pity.

It’s great to hit rock bottom. How else would you know when to get up?

The light’s always brighter afterwards!

The blogger behind suggests

Music. I have a playlist of uplifting songs that help pick me up when I’m struggling- songs that remind me I’m going to be okay again! Our sons have their own lists too! Our favorite songs always help us remember we’ll get through the hard times and grow because of them.

Heather from suggests

Ways that I experience Joy in difficult times are Spending time with my children (ages 12 and 22) first and foremost. Just talking with them, playing games, reading, or watching a movie can help me to experience of Joy.

Marc from suggests

Music has gotten me through pretty much every difficult time in my life. Humor also helps!

Samantha from suggests

Writing helps my mood

Teresa from suggests

Faith. God has promised never to leave me and I believe.

The blogger behind suggests

In my most difficult times (my awful divorce) it was quite tough to find any joy at all. But soon I realized the support I had from friends that helped keep my head above water. And when the bad times passed the joy quickly came back into my life.

Dale from suggests

Sometimes it’s tough to do when times are hard, but giving meaningful service to others has helped me through a lot of hard times. It helps me keep from having too much pity for myself & always makes me feel really good to help someone else during a time that may be hard on them.

The blogger behind suggests

Remembering & counting even the tiniest of happy moments & achievements helps a great deal. Looking for solutions and while doing that gaining all our strength from all the good that also happened to us. The act of gratitude helps in deriving the strength to pull through.

The blogger behind suggests

I used to busy myself w/ work to avoid pain &to feel the joy of helping others thru my job- now, I wrote 30days of gratitude in my blog, I make time for my dogs who make me happy, I listen to inspiring podcasts like Big Magic w/ @GilbertLiz & I repeat a grounding list in my head.

Wendy from suggests

Talking to someone I know can uplift me (some people aren’t the best at this so finding the ones that can is key!) and journaling! At the end of journaling I also list things I am grateful for as an act of gratitude and that helps me experience joy!.

Claire from suggests

Looking at photos of happy times. When I’m down or stressed this can remind me of all the things I have to be grateful for and what really matters in life, and it often provides a few laughs as well!

Emma from suggests

Jumping on the gratitude bandwagon. I try to remember the things that are great (even if the only thing that comes to mind is that I woke up today and had the chance to keep going.)

Also trying to find humor in the dark. A little laughter can go a long way.

The blogger behind suggests

During my lowest time I tried to keep as busy as possible. Probably not a great answer but at that point it was the only thing that seemed to bring me out of the darkness. Now when I hit lows (not nearly as bad as years ago) being with family, prayer, meditation, and exercise.

Matt the blogger behind suggests

Daily gratitude. It’s seemingly more important when times are tough. There’s always plenty to be grateful for.

The blogger behind suggests

Knowing that I have supportive people in my life and inviting them into my difficulty for support. And therefore, knowing I have people who really understands and empathize. And trying to get out of my head by doing something fun like playing a game or taking a walk.

Bonnie from suggests

Being greatful. Even during the difficult times I try to find the hidden blessings. I also know things could always be worse. I’m greatful they aren’t, I’m greatful for the good parts. It gets me through.

Sherileane from suggests

Our family does “joys and prayers” every evening together. Especially during the tough times it helps to shift our focus to the positive that happened during the day. There will always be good and bad in a day…it’s what we focus on that counts.

Jerilee from suggests

In the smile and laughter of an innocent child.

The blogger behind suggests

Lately, the smiles on my kids’ faces because they’ve never experienced loss since they’re too young to realize what’s going on.

Rick a follower on Twitter suggests

Having the support of a loved one can aways help you get over very difficult times.

I have personally been struggling through some very difficult times in my own life. I have found that at least a few of the suggestions here have been very helpful in my own life. Now that I have shared all of these great responses that I received, I would love to know what brings you joy in the difficult times? Do you find that you relate to any of the above responses? What brings you joy in the difficult times?