This is probably the last challenge that many of us want to embark on. In fact I myself am not a fan of just drinking water. Over the last year however I have greatly improved my attitude towards it. In 2016 I lost a significant amount of weight thanks to changes in my diet, exercise and eliminating soda entirely from my diet. The goal of this challenge is a two part goal and I think the benefits of this challenge can be great.

What are the benefits?

  1. Obvious health benefits – Water is so important for flushing toxins from your body as well as hydration. Water has zero calories unless you add something to it and is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. Eliminating unnecessary sugars and additives can be really helpful for weight loss and many other health conditions.
  2. Saving you money – Drinking more water can absolutely save you more money. Are you someone who buys a daily coffee, soda or even multiple? Eliminating these purchases can save you significantly throughout the year. Even if you are unable to or unwilling to eliminate them entirely you can still save by significantly cutting back and becoming more mindful.

What are the goals of the challenge?

  1. Buy less beverages – Whether you are eating in a restaurant, stopping just for a quick drink or even your beverage choices during grocery shopping. These are all great occasions to begin implementing the challenge and eliminating some bad habits.
  2. Improve your health – improving your health has many benefits both physical, mental and even financial. Improving your health can eliminate some health issues and can even help you save money on healthcare costs. When I lost significant weight and began taking care of my health I was able to come off of my blood pressure medication after over 10 years of being on it. This does not mean that this specifically will happen to you. It does mean that the healthier you are the more likely you are to feel better and possibly even eliminate unnecessary health issues.
  3. Increase your water intake – There are so many benefits to increasing your water intake such as the ones listed here….
  4. Start or build your savings account with the extra money saved – What did you spend before on beverages? Analyze your shopping list, your receipts and purchases over the last month or so. You know where you would typically spend this money and what you would typically buy. In these situations I want you to automatically chose water over other beverages but to also set aside the amount that would have normally been spent.
  5. Avoid situations that make this a challenge – Your goal is to improve your health and finances with this challenge. If you know a trip to Starbucks with a friend will cause you to fail…. don’t go! Instead have a friend over and make coffee at home, meet at the mall for a walk, suggest another location where you can easily order water and it will not be a struggle.
  6. It is ok to be as flexible as you want – This challenge can be used in anyway you would like. You could use this challenge for as short of a time as a week or as long as the entire year. I encourage you to go all in and focus on it this year. Being understanding with yourself and allowing some flexibility will make this much easier. The goal is not just complete elimination of all other beverages and all expenses associated. The main goal is long term improvement in this area and significant savings over time. One beverage purchased a month is still a huge improvement on one a day. Right?

What are your thoughts on this challenge? Will you join me in this challenge? My goal is to start with a month beginning January 1st. I will hopefully continue this throughout the entire year because I know that is where I will see the most significant financial and health benefits. I will not beat myself up and neither should you if and when you slip up. In these moments just remember the difference you have made and will make with saying no every other time. Also remember that the goal is a life style and mindset change not deprivation. I’d love to have you join me for this challenge starting January 1st. I promise you can make it work for you and Make significant changes that will make a difference if you just become more mindful and start slowly.