Starting a blog and maintaining a blog is not easy by any means. It requires so much work and effort everyday that it can often become overwhelming. So what do you do to handle all the stress and anxiety related to blogging. How do you begin to develop a real schedule to handle everything that you are faced with all the time?

How can you manage all the content creation and research that goes into running a successful blog? How can you continue to manage all the website access and passwords, update old blog postings and field emails coming in everyday?

Let me share with you my best advice on managing your time and resources to run a successful blog….. By the way if anyone knows me personally they would know that this part does not usually come easy to me. The content flows far easier and happens faster, than the time management and the organization aspects do.

1. Priorities matter – We must learn to discover what our priorities are and what we are aiming to achieve with our blog. We must take the time to set our goals, decide what is most important and develop a plan.

2. Set a schedule – Every new blogger needs a schedule to help them keep both their life and blogging balanced. The reasons you need a schedule is fairly obvious to any new blogger starting out. It is so easy to lose track of time on all the aspects of managing the blog, the post creation, social media management and the organization of it all. You need time for work, sleep, self care and don’t forget a social life.

So how do you make all this happen?

1. Recognize that you are just one person

2. Determine how many posts you can maintain per week

3. Pick your preferred social media outlet and focus mainly on that one

4. Make folders and binders to hold your photos and content you are creating

5. Allow yourself time and find things that inspire you in your life. Without inspiration a writer just writes. When a writer is inspired they write to inspire others.

6. Develop relationships with other bloggers that can support and encourage you. A great way I have found to do this is by joining twitter and introducing yourself to others. Another key thing to remember….. when you are encouraging and supportive of others it usually goes both ways. Be what you would like to see in others and you will attract a similar support group around you.

7. Above all else take care of your most valuable resource, which is YOU. Make sure that you are getting plenty of rest, time off and exercise. Trust me when I say that these are all so important in a bloggers life, because burnout is real and these things can help prevent it.

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Best advice on starting a successful blog

I started my blog on February 8, 2018. When I began my blog I knew absolutely nothing about running a blog. I have learned through trial and error since starting my blog what works for me and how I can maintain it for the long run. If you are a blogger you can relate to the constant demands that maintaining a blog entails. I am certain as a blogger you can most likely relate to the joys of blogging as well. It is something I love but something that we as bloggers must find balance to maintain or we will burn out quickly. If you have experienced burnout in the past or currently are as a blogger, you might also benefit from a previous post I wrote. TRANSPARENCY WRITERS BLOCK AND BLOGGER BURNOUT

I encourage my fellow bloggers today to take time for yourself, to determine your goals and to set boundaries. Determine how much of your life and time to dedicate to what you are building and do it because you love it! If you do not love what you are doing it will definitely show in what you write.