This October I have decided to do something that I have wanted to do for years. To execute a no spend month for the first time ever. I have heard of others using this practice and have wanted to try it myself. I have always felt that this could be a great way to kick start your savings. What better way to do it than to challenge you to do your own no spend month as well. You may not choose to do it in October with us, but at least maybe it will inspire you to try one in the near future.

I think going on a budget can be hard and cutting your budget even further can be even more painful. As they say “no pain no gain” so I am thinking this will be the kick start I have needed financially. I invited my friend Sarah over at to join me as my cheerleader and support system in this month long spending fast. Sarah shares a lot of helpful budget friendly ideas and finance related tips over on her website. I believe she will really add some more fun helpful advice for all of us as we go through this no spend challenge together.

I really hope that you find our transparency and the ideas that we provide throughout the next month beneficial.

What exactly is a no spend month?

The concept of a no spend month is to begin to cut all unnecessary spending in your budget. For my husband and I this will mean absolutely no eating out ( this is going to literally kill me), no entertainment that costs, no unnecessary shopping, no coffee shops or snacks, nothing extra at all. This does not include our weekly grocery budget of $80 or less that we spend weekly, all of our bills that we must pay and gasoline to get us to and from work.

What can you do to prepare?

Plan in advance what a no spend month will mean for you. Try to set yourself up for success by being proactive. Don’t pick a month full of activities to begin your no spend month. What do I mean by this? Avoid months that hold specific occasions that may require extra expenses such as Christmas, vacations, etc.

Recognize why you are doing a no spend month

Choose to do this because you want to make a difference in your finances. You need to make a conscious effort not to spend anything extra this month. You can go into a no spend month with either dread or enthusiasm, the choice is yours. I challenge you to think of this more like a game. Try to find all of the great ways to have a less painful much more joyful no spend month.

Will I have to be anti-social and boring all month?

You absolutely do not. I believe this is a common misconception that I would like to clear up for you before we start. You can still have fun without spending extra money and we will show you how. What you will have to do is be challenged to become more creative this month. You will find ways to connect with friends and have a good time this month without spending money. Get out in nature, get back in that exercise routine you’ve been meaning to or make some fun creative meals together. Have fun with this whole concept and remember it doesn’t necessarily take money to have a good time.

I hope this helped prepare you to get started on this challenge with Sarah from Lemon blessings and I. We will try to bring you ideas and suggestions throughout this month, of things that will make this no spend month much less painful. So let’s get started October 1st guys. If you have any questions I would love to answer any of these that you may have. Feel free to leave me comments or questions on the blog as we journey through this together. You may also email me with any questions or with your own great ideas that you may want to share for our no spend month. I would love to hear from you anytime just email me [email protected]

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