Many of you are probably wondering how the no spend month has been going for me so far. Well I am still no expert on doing a no spend month, but I am very determined to make this work and do it well.

So far it has been five days and my conclusion so far is spending becomes an addiction and it’s harder to stop altogether than you think. It’s especially difficult when you tell yourself that you cannot spend at all. The reason I have concluded this is because I have thought about spending money more the last 7 days than I can remember thinking about it in months. The good news is that I have not caved and I have stood my ground determined that I will succeed. The biggest challenge overall for me so far has just been in changing my thought patterns and in telling myself no.

I have plenty of plans for the month of October to keep me busy and accomplish some of my personal goals. Along with executing the no spend month I am trying to get my priorities right for the future.

So what does that mean for me and what are my goals?

  1. Getting back to the gym is on my agenda since I am paying for this membership I am planning to use it more. Since starting my blog I have not necessarily taken the best care of me and I am going to be prioritizing this in my life. I cannot provide anything of value to others without taking care of myself.
  2. Creating blog posts and setting a future posting schedule. So far I have not done this and I believe this will help both you to know what to expect and me to keep some healthy habits.
  3. Developing a healthy pattern for running the blog which includes setting goals and boundaries.
  4. Spending some quality time with friends and family
  5. Cooking healthier cheaper meals at home
  6. Developing a good pattern of packing our lunches for work that will keep us healthy and save us significantly thought the year.

How do I plan on accomplishing these goals

  1.  Setting consistent days and times that I have set aside to actually do work on these goals and develop them as a routine.
  2. Taking more time for me and cutting back in certain areas where I waste excessive time.
  3. Getting my priorities right when it comes to balancing work and my personal life. I listened to a recent Problogger podcast that really has helped me to realize the importance of all of this as a blogger. Check it out here
  4.  Utilizing grocery lists and meal plans more than I have been and making easy healthy recipes. You can find some easy healthy recipe ideas on these great websites Small town living USA ,, & Just a few of my favorites for recipe Inspiration.

What do I hope to gain from this no spend month?

  1. I hope that these better habits stick going forward into future months, not just throughout the month of October.
  2. A renewed sense of energy and ambition with my blog and life
  3. Goals set and accomplished that I can not only do myself but also inspire others to try in their own lives.

I challenge you today if you are beginning a no spend month to take inventory of the things that you hope to accomplish through it. Long term and short term goals are so important when beginning something like this. Without specific goals it is hard to work towards something like a no spend challenge and do it successfully.

I also challenge you to find at least one partner that can keep you accountable in this no spend Journey. For me I have been blessed to have a former coworker and friend Katie join me, current coworker Marcia and a great friend and blogger Sarah from holding me accountable and helping me to provide helpful tips and share our experiences so far. Check out Sarah’s updates and tips here one-surprisingly-easy-way-to-conquer-your-spending-this-month & what-happens-when-you-reduce-the-grocery-budget-drastically

I will say that it has only been 7 days but I feel that I have already accomplished a lot in this short period of time. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the month will bring and where we will be financially when this over. My hope is that the next month will leave me set up for success and that I will continue to carry more of these habits in the future.  If you have decided to join us in this challenge how has it been going so far for you? I would love to hear from you either in the comments or by email at [email protected]