Week two went much smoother and with more ease than week one. Although I still debated all of the the same splurges this week, I seem to have adjusted well to the no spend month rules that I have assigned.

I was successful in stepping back from the blog a bit more this week and spending some much needed time on taking care of me. This was especially helpful since week two has brought some personal challenges. My father was hospitalized this week and is not doing well. We spent one entire evening at the hospital with him and I plan on spending part of today at the hospital.

A few great free resources that I have found helpful

  1. I started getting back to running again this week using an app called C25K. I have used this app a few times in the past few years. This app helped me start running for the first time in my life and lose some weight. Combining this APP and a healthy diet I was able to finally lose about 60 pounds. I had tried everything to lose the weight for years but what I discovered is it is much more about the small daily behaviors and the commitment than anything.
  2. When we were out running errands we actually stopped in for a completely free beverage at speedway thanks to our speedy rewards points. Just a nice option if you are on the go and really need a beverage or snack. Make sure to check your rewards points on the machine inside the speedway gas stations. Speedy rewards card
  3. I decided to apply in advance to host a party with Ripple street and was lucky to be accepted. We were selected to host a Cooked Perfect Chicken party and were sent a box of items to host this party. The party included almost everything needed to host the party and any additional items needed were worked into our grocery budget and purchased at Aldi’s. Host a free party with Ripple Street
  4. My husband and I decided to take the car for a much needed vacuuming and clean the mats inside the car. We remembered that our local minuteman car wash offers free vacuuming, mat cleaning and free air for your tires no purchase necessary.
  5. We have watched movies and television shows on Amazon Prime that do not cost us extra. I subscribe yearly to Amazon Prime and use this to stream entertainment. This membership offers many great free streaming options and we are rarely without something to watch that we enjoy. You also receive free two day shipping when you use make purchases on Amazon that are prime items. There are many other great benefits to being an Prime member that you can check out here.

I have noticed our no spend month has helped us to be much more productive, getting more accomplished at home. We have taken on some projects that we would not normally have done.

What we have accomplished so far

  1. Completed setting up our new home office
  2. We went through a lot of old items in storage and in our closets and donated them to our local goodwill industries.
  3. We have done some light maintenance around the house
  4. There was an old table that was given to me by my Grandmother that we are working on repairing and using for our dining room table.

What has the no spend month affected

1. It has obviously helped us to save more money

2. Helped us to find creative activities to keep us entertained

3. Encouraged me to get creative with meals at home and use items in our cabinets that have been in there a while.

4. My husband and I have been able to accomplish a lot of things that we had on our to do lists.

5. We have spent more time with friends and family than we do in a normal month either in our home or at their homes.

Throughout this no spend month my friend Sarah over at has been sharing her no spend journey with her readers as well. Sarah has some great input on how her and her family have handled this no spend month. She has also been an encouragement and support for me as I do my first no spend month.

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