This year in the month of November my fellow bloggers and I have decided to start a new challenge. Our goal with this new challenge is to challenge ourselves and all of you, to turn your focus towards being grateful for the many blessings in your life. We are hoping to encourage the same in all of you that we are encouraging in ur own lives. We would be honored if you will join us in a month long Thankfulness challenge. What we are doing with this challenge is simple. We as bloggers are coming together across social media and across our various websites to encourage a shift in your attitude. This is so important all year round, but because of the thanksgiving holiday we feel this is the perfect time to implement this challenge.

Who are my blogging challenge partners in this challenge?

The Money Mix

Her Designed Life

Simple Grateful Life

Dragons on Fire

Diana on a Dime

Decidedly Altered

How will the challenge work?

  1. We will encourage you to focus on the blessings in your life and be more grateful
  2. Encourage you daily with various posts, quotes, sharing what we are grateful for and we are asking that you do the same. If you are a blogger I encourage you to follow along encouraging the same for your readers. Tweet or post to your social media accounts using #Thankfulnesschallenge you can also tag me in your posts I would love that or use #savingjoyfully as well. Even if you are not a blogger I would love my readers to join us in this challenge everyday.
  3. I am going to strive to post a daily reminder of some sort to remind us all to reflect on what we are Thankful for that day. I welcome you to share with us on your social media accounts or in the comments section of my posts some of the things that you are most grateful for everyday.
  4. Grab a gratitude journal or notebook and jot down a little note on what you are grateful for everyday. I will be starting my own gratitude journal that I plan on marking everyday of the challenge. After the challenge is complete I will challenge myself moving forward to add to that journal constantly going until it is full.
  5. I challenge you as we shift our focus towards what we are blessed with and what we are thankful for, to start looking for ways to give back to others. This might be giving more to the people in your own life or to a charity of your choice this holiday season. I would love to hear what you come up with and how you pay it forward with this challenge.
  6. Finally I challenge you to not only give material things but to find a way to give of your time to others. You can do this in whatever way that works for you and as much time as you feel you can sacrifice. I know that it is a busy holiday season we are coming up on and time is often limited. We can however try our best to find one day even if it is just a few minutes or hours to help a neighbor, help out at church, help at your local food bank or serve food at a shelter. The reason I suggest these things is simple, when we focus on others we become more grateful. When our focus shifts to others more and less on ourselves, we not only become more grateful but also more joyful.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the challenge. I would love to hear what you will try to do this month if you choose to participate. Find a way to spread more joy and count more blessings in your life as we head into the holiday season. You will be surprised at how much more you will enjoy the holidays this year.

I want to leave you with a final quote

It is only with gratitude that life becomes rich!” Dietrich Bonhoeffer