In January 2018 I was working at a job that did not bring me happiness, in fact it really was starting to bring me down. I felt like I was going nowhere fast and like there were no advancement opportunities in sight for me. I wanted to feel like I was moving forward in my career, yet in the position I was in at that time this did not even seem possible. My fellow coworker and I were talking one day at lunch about how the endless days at our desks, just left us feeling like we were missing out on so much in life. When we envisioned our futures neither of us felt that this job was where we wanted to be. She challenged me to really think about what I wanted to do with my life and what would really bring me happiness.

For many years I had thought about starting my own blog. I have always really loved to share with others tips on saving money and ways I have found to stretch my budget. One day while heading to my full time job I decided to give a new podcast a try. This podcast was called Problogger and seemed like a good place to start learning how to create a blog. This inspiring podcast and a challenge from my coworker Katie became the reason that I finally discovered my passion. February 8 2018 is the day that I hit publish on my very first post on saving joyfully. I had always wanted to create a blog to share some tips on saving money and living a more frugal life. February 2018 became the year that I would finally make this dream happen.

From February 2018 until now I have learned so much about blogging and about myself. I have learned what I am capable of creating and learned so much about the world of blogging. I believe my posts have improved in many ways from my writing to my formatting of posts. I have learned so much about SEO search engine optimization and I am still continuously learning about this everyday. I have made so many friends throughout the blogging community and I am so thankful for the connections and friendships I have developed. When I think back on my original expectations for blogging and what has actually happened I am amazed. Although not everything I had hoped for has come true, I have gained so much knowledge and so much experience through running this website. The friendships I have made have gone from internet friendships to some great real life friendships. I have met and connected with people from all around the world and have been so blessed with these friendships.

Some special bloggers I have met this year

My first blogger meetup was in July 2018 when I met my friends Joel and Emily from

Beyond a budget

My second meetup was in September when I met my good friend Laura from

Everyday by the lake

My next meet up was also in September when I met a group of awesome bloggers from all around Ohio including AlBell from, the lovely mother daughter duo from and Emilie from & the blogger behind

Ohio blogger meetup

Small town living USA

I also had the pleasure of meeting my new friend Deanna who has been an incredible inspiration and blessing in my life. Deanna’s story is so incredible I highly recommend you visit all of the above blogs mentioned but especially Deanna’s. Deanna is a women that I really admire for all that she has been through and the transformation that she has gone through in her life. Check out her website at

Ms fiology

Kris from in person for dinner while she was visiting Toledo. What a blessing it was to connect with Kris who has been a writer/blogger for many years. I have gained so much knowledge and insight from Kris and her years as a freelance writer and blogger.

I also had the pleasure of chatting online via Skype with many great bloggers including Melody from & Liz from these young ladies have become friends as well as fellow bloggers and continue to inspire me with their websites.

I have to say the most important thing that I have discovered about blogging is that I love the people I have met the most. The lives that touch me everyday with their support and kindness make what I do worthwhile. I have enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts with all of you this year. However even more than that I have enjoyed spotlighting and sharing so many amazing bloggers I have met this year.

Today I just wanted to share a few photos and say some special thanks to the following bloggers. These bloggers have been so incredibly supportive of what I do and they continue to encourage me all the time. I cannot say thank you enough for all that they have done for me and continue to do.

Special thanks to Justin from, Bob from , the physician blogger behind, Fred from, Ryan from, Adebayo from & Sebastian and Tawnya from There are so many more bloggers I could thank but these bloggers have been amazing supportive friends since early on in my journey and I really value their friendships and support.

I am truly amazed at the incredible people that run websites and share their lives around the world and even in my own home state. Thank you to everyone of you that reads my blog. Thank you for being a part of saving joyfully this year and for supporting my crazy dreams. I am incredibly honored to have had the pleasure to meet so many bloggers and receive emails from many awesome readers. Every comment you leave, every like on my posts and all of your feedback help me to create better content everyday and encourage me to keep going.

Please feel free to email me or comment below with any suggestions you have for saving joyfully going forward. I am honored that you have joined me here and that you continue to visit my blog frequently.